Fenwick Plaza, Salem New Jersey

While we are not the city government, we gladly partner with local government, residents, businesses and other non-profits to create together a better future for all of Salem!


Stand Up for Salem Inc. is a volunteer based non-profit organization working to bring new life to the center of Salem. Our mission is to stimulate business opportunity, historic preservation and community growth through grassroots community development.

Who We Are

Stand Up For Salem Inc., is a 501 C3 nonprofit organization which was first launched in 1988 by a group of civic-minded residents to stimulate the revitalization of the center of Salem. Since that time SUFS has begun its vision to transform the city’s neighborhoods by fostering resident based planning and volunteer driven projects as an independent and versatile community development corporation.

Hundreds of volunteers who care about Salem's future have helped achieve a mind boggling total $40 million in mostly private real estate investment in the center of Salem.

Our non profit program is volunteer based and modeled after the national Main Street approach to downtown revitalization:  Promotion (activities), Design (cleanups/fixups),  Business Development (start-ups and existing) and Organization (fundraising and outreach).

house renovation2019 Stand Up For Salem Board of Directors:

Zach Zehner, President
Jim Waddington, Vice President
Rebecca Ferguson, Secretary
Keith German, Treasurer
Betsy Amoroso
Thronna Busch
Keith Campbell
Earl Gage
Michael Gorman
George Reese
Jim Smith
Tom Smith
Daryl Casper
Gail Slaughter
Debbie Gralley
Lee Ware

SUFS Staff:

Chris Davenport, Executive Director
Linwood Davis, Public Assistant
Al Baytops, Street Assistant
Wayne Johnson, Street Assistant
Christina Chinnici, Community Engagement Vista
Brianna Pitts, Director of Economic and Workforce Development
Jahyda Villegas, Capacity Building Vista

Main Street Volunteer Committee Chairs

Debbie Gralley, Design
Gail Slaughter, Promotion
Tom Smith, Economic Restructuring