chris davenport

20 Years

I spent the 90’s in New York City. It was a great decade – I got married to Beth and we added Cara, Jake and Elise to our family and our rented Upper Manhattan apartment!

I spent the next 20 years in Salem City New Jersey, the town my kids say they are from. We bought a big house with a big yard and paid less monthly than our rent. I wouldn’t trade these years for anything.

They’ve been tough years for Salem City though, a proud historic blue-collar town that has taken every negative economic blow that our country can dish out, and is still standing.

I’ve been viewed as an optimist here, and I think that is partly because I get to see good things happening every day in my job. Good improvement activities, good events and good planning to keep things going. Not always big things, but always important. I get to see the commitment of volunteers, of local corporate donors, of state and regional funders, and of other true believers who work here at Stand Up For Salem both full and part time. Some of our true believers have moved on from Salem, and others have moved on from this life. But they are with us in spirit. I know I’m fortunate to have had one job for 20 years, a job that’s never been boring. I’m even more fortunate to have had the family I’ve had, and to feel a part of the Salem family forever.

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