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The Multiplier Effect

When a person or company makes/manufactures something, those people have a job, and the company hopefully makes a profit. But there is also something called the “multiplier effect” in manufacturing. Other people profit too – suppliers, service people, retailers etc.

The official ratio in the USA is said to be 3.6 extra jobs produced for every manufacturing job. In the case of Mannington Mills, the multiplier effect is way over 3.6. You would also have to include community volunteerism, investments, generosity and leadership. And now take whatever that number is . . . and multiply it by 100! 

Step step. Step step.

... is how the great 1960 doo wop song Step By Step starts out. It was written by Philly area musician J.T. Carter for his group the Crests, one of the first interracial bands in America.

Step by step, I fell in love with you……..

In Salem, after some really down years, some good steps are happening. In the center of town, two buildings on Broadway have finally sold, and one new restaurant has opened-all in a few months.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hyunte Jo have purchased the huge former Sun National Bank building for use as both residence and commercial business space. They have been busy cleaning it out and fixing it up.

Troy And Wendy Dublin have bought the large Italianate brick building next to Nyce’s Touch Barber Shop and have already made the windows beautiful while beginning work on the inside.

The former Brigadoon Restaurant in Fenwick Plaza, closed for years, is now home to Jewel’s Café- a wonderful new restaurant and bar serving conventional and soul food dishes.

The big vacant Wire Pro building on the West End has been purchased for use by a commercial soil contractor.
Houses in Salem, though still in a slow market, are finally selling once again. We are fortunate to be able to continue our Stand Up For Salem volunteer events and improvement activities.

Of course we know we need a lot more steps. But we are thankful. Every step is important.

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