100 Years of Mannington Mills

100 Years of Mannington Mills

Having only worked for Stand Up For Salem for a year, my history with Mannington Mills is short. I never knew Johnny Campbell, only that he was one of the founders of Stand Up For Salem Inc. because of his great love for a community that was already in some distress even in the late 1980’s.

Keith Campbell has followed in his father’s footsteps in more ways than one; not just making Mannington Mills a major player in American industry, but keeping his family’s commitment of noblesse oblige by being honorable, responsible, and generous, freely donating time and financial resources to others.

It was under the direction of Keith Campbell who agreed to become the President of our Board of Directors (for a 3 year term that lasted for 16 years) that enabled SUFS to receive an official state Main Street program designation in 1999. In turn, this led to implementing a committee volunteer model that allowed residents to work with SUFS to attract over $45 million dollars in projects and related investments including Fenwick Plaza.

Mannington Mills also funds a scholarship program for Salem County High School graduates, has contributed generously to the United Way of Salem County, and the Campbell Family Council recently donated $10,000 to Olive Street Community Garden in honor of their Centennial Anniversary.

The Campbell family’s concern and generosity extends not only to Salem City itself, but also to the areas surrounding its corporate headquarters, visible in its environmental concerns. The company has built houses for the mosquito eating purple martin birds, keeps bees on the grounds and has installed solar panels to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Recently Keith Campbell stepped down as the official President of Stand Up For Salem Inc. He has agreed to stay on as a lifetime emeritus member, a status and designation given only to those who have served with distinction.

Though there may be many social and economic challenges still facing Salem City, it is still standing. It is still a city with a great sense of community and pride thanks to its people, and a company like Mannington Mills who has stood up for the city and its residents for 100 years.

Congratulations Mannington Mills and the Campbell Family!

Lights on at the Penney’s Building
Salem Oak largest white oak tree in New Jersey

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